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Hi I’m David. I help people reclaim their lives from brain fog, chronic fatigue, and other mysterious conditions conventional approaches don’t quite understand. 

My healing journey began with a seven year battle with unexplainable chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms doctors couldn’t explain. I was ridiculed by doctors and my suffering was largely not taken seriously by family and friends who often resorted to convincing me “it was in my head.” 

It was clear that I had to find my own answers or live a life of mediocrity and dis-ease. 

 This drove me to explore everything from biohacking, mindfulness, emotional release techniques, mens work, subconscious reprogramming techniques, energy healing, ecstatic dance, and much much more. Eventually, when I knew I wanted this to be my life’s work, I began to get certifications. 

On my journey, I’ve realized that there was no silver bullet, but rather a multitude of factors, both physical and emotional, tha contributed to my dis-ease and the dis-ease of others. 

My mission is to offer the kind of multifaceted integrative care that I wish I had when I was trying to get well, so you don’t have to spend years putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Apart from coaching, I hope to spread the message of integrative health through courses, videos, and other training programs to empower people to take back their health and wellbeing. 

The MOKSHA Life approach combines the best of functional medicine, ayurveda, emotional healing techniques, personal transformation, and more to help you find healing on multiple levels, not just physical. 

It's not our fault for where we ended up, but where we go is our hands. 

I hope I can support you in your journey. 

Breaking Free From Brain Fog and Chronic Fatigue