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In eight weeks, go from exhaustion to empowerment by identifying your root cause, co-creating an individualized recovery plan, and implementing it with guidance and community to finally break the burnout cycle.  

Integrating the best of modern functional medicine, Ayurveda, TCM, somatic healing, breathwork, nervous system centered approaches, and other emotional healing modalities, I guide you how to create a targeted and potent roadmap to recovery that addresses your body, subconscious mind, emotions, nervous system, and spirit. 

In other words, the exact approach I wish I had when getting well. 


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Reclaim your life from brain fog and chronic fatigue using easy-to-follow, proven protocols that I use in my health coaching practice.


A comprehensive, but approachable course that will help you understand what is at the root cause of your chronic fatigue and brain fog, how to rebalance yourself, and create your OUR INDIVIDUAL APPROACH to maintaining the vitality and mental clarity you deserve without all the confusion.


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It's Not In Your Head

I defied the odds despite being a "mystery case" and so can you.

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I recovered from chronic burnout after years of looking for answers and being told "it was in my head" or I could at best "manage my symptoms"
 I created this course so you don't have to spend years of your life and thousands of dollars with practitioners connecting the dots.
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Being Trapped in the Viscous Cycle of Burnout Can Be Confusing, Lonely, and of Course Exhausting!


It's Not Just You. We Are More Burnt Out Than Ever.

I hate to admit this, but it's true. The healthcare and WELLNESS industry have failed us.

Even with all the information, supplements, and wearable technology, 77% of adults are reporting feeling burnout at least once a year.


How can this be?

Like many of you, I spent countless hours researching online, trying all the "self-care" and "biohacking" tips, and along the way, amassed a huge drawer of supplements.

Somehow, I still didn't feel well. Does that sound like you?


After spending three years going from practitioner to practitioner, reading hundreds of books, and trying dozens of healing modalities, I finally recovered from chronic burnout and fatigue.


Here's what I felt was missing....

Conventional and even functional medicine looked at my problems too mechanically, looking at individual biomarkers and not providing help with regulating my nervous system, clearing unprocessed emotions, and working on the subconscious programs keeping me in the awful, but familiar place I was in.

Emotional and spiritually focused practitioners lack evidence based techniques for detoxification, individualizing diet and lifestyle, and a modern, scientific understanding of how the brain, gut, and immune system can impact their areas of expertise.


The result is that you either get a very mechanical approach or an overly woo approach. Neither is great for healing.

I started my health coaching practice to provide the kind of care I wish I had at the outset of my journey.

The kind that integrates modern functional medicine, ancient wisdom, and emotional healing in a seamless, coherent way.

That acknowledges the interconnectivity between our mind, body, and spirit without compromising on scientific rigor or emotional depth.

An approach that is heart led, but science backed.


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This Course is a Good Fit For You If...

  • You've been feeling unwell for WAY too long
  • You are tired of being tired and anxious all day
  • You're feeling many areas of your health need work, but don't know where to start. 
  • You're doing a lot "healthy" things, but still aren't getting results.
  • You've spent countless hours searching online for answers and still feel unwell.
  • You're fed up with living below your potential.
  • You're tired of settling for being "ok".
  • You want to realize the best version of yourself.
  • You aren't afraid of confronting and healing challenging emotions.
  • You are open to going cookie cutter "stress relief" methods
  • You are NOT looking for a magical pill or supplement to heal you.
  • You're willing to invest time into your healing.
  • You are willing to go against the grain to build a life that is in alignment for you.
  • You aren't afraid to go against conventional wisdom.
  • You are ready to lead the movement building a more conscious, compassionate, and healthy society.
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How People Like You Were Impacted


“For years, I suffered from low mood, not being able to get up in the morning, and feeling just out of it. On top of that, I was anxious and on overdrive, but couldn’t fall asleep. I saw all kinds of doctors, but this course helped me tie together diet, supplementation, and mindfulnesses practices an easy to follow format, especially since I’m really scattered and don’t have a good attention span. This course gave me a big piece of my old self back. I’m so grateful. ”


- Jennifer Ramos

"I was pretty doubtful a course could help when all the doctors I saw didn’t, but I gave it a shot since David has actually gone through what I went through. He goes very deep without being overwhelming and I was able to find out I had heavy metal toxicity and a MTHFR mutation and with the plan he gave, I was able to easily detox it without any really expensive procedures. While I’m not overly spiritual, the emotional healing practices really opened me up to what I’ve been repressing. I feel lighter, more energetic, and alive again. It’s unbelievable."


- Daniel Turner

"Digestive issues, acne all over my body, binge eating, trauma, etc. led to feelings of depression, cloudiness, and never ending fatigue. The plans and guidance on how to know my body type, design my own plan based on where I’m at and how I’m designed was SO HELPFUL. I can’t believe all the practitioners I saw never taught me this. I found out candida overgrowth, leaky gut, and mold markers were preventing me from getting well despite exercising and eating “clean.” The mindset and emotional practices helped me process some of my past trauma and really care for my inner child. My acne is significantly less, the cloud has lifted, and I’m no longer afraid of eating because my digestion is o much stronger."


- Cara Lee

Who Am I? 

I'm an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHPL2) who has been guiding people to reclaim their lives from chronic burnout among other conditions for the past few years. 

After being a student of natural health and personal growth for five years after my own healing journey, I went on to become a certified Integrative Health Practitioner (L1 & L2) where I learned how blend functional medicine labs, naturopathy, Ayurveda, and other healing disciplines. Afterwards, I mentored with Dr.Stephen Cabral to further deepen knowledge who I still meet on a regular basis today. 

After seeing dozens of clients facing similar issues around burnout, I decided to create this program to help connect more people with the solutions that worked for myself and my clients.   

By the End of This Course, You Will...

Go From Surviving to Thriving

Say goodbye to groggy mornings, chronic anxiety, carefully managing your energy, and not feeling safe in your body. 

Know the Root Cause of Your Burnout

Gain a nuanced understanding of what is causing your imbalances through functional medicine labs, assessments, and detailed case studies from my practice. 

Have an Individualized Recovery Plan

You'll ditch the useless supplements and the overwhelm with a clear plan that is specific to nobody, but you. 

Understand What "Healthy" Means For You

Cut through the hype and distill what's good for your body type/genotype and what is not. 

Identify and Rewire Some of Your Core Limiting Beliefs

Address the traumas and childhood conditioning that often set a ceiling on our growth.  

Feel Empowered to Never Burnout Again

Know the practices and tools to calibrate when challenged or feeling out of balance.  

Download Course Syllabus

A Look Inside the Course


Week 1

Streamlining Your Successful Recovery

Understanding how the course works to get the most out of it, the mindsets to adopt in order to have a successful recovery, and completing your burnout assessment.

Prior to week one, you will get preparation materials with initial protocols and labs (if applicable). The focus of the course is on recovery, not theory, so you will begin right away with a balancing protocol. 

Week 2

Building Your Bio-Individualized Protocol

A deep dive into the foundations that successful protocols will be based on. Identifying and adjusting behaviors and practices to fit your lifestyle and needs. We will learn about your mind-body type, genotype, and bio-individuality at large. You will identify the areas of the DESTRESS protocol they need to focus on the most by taking several assessments to help you build your bio-individual map.


Week 3

How Did We Become the Burnout Generation

Unpack the Western conventional medical paradigm and why it is failing to help many people with chronic illness, share about the “water we are swimming in”, and provide some insight into what other medical traditions know about the conditions that lead to burnout.

Week 4

Top Root Cause Imbalances Leading to Burnout

A deep dive into how most of us get chronically burnout as well as introducing the top root causes of burn out in detail.

Week 5

Refining Your Roadmap to Recovery

Creating an individualized roadmap to recovery with protocols, diet, supplements, practices, etc. based on lab results, burnout assessment, and other data. 

Detailed case studies with exact protocols based off of real clients I've worked with will help guide students to calibrate protocols. 

Week 6

Ramping Up Your Protocol

With a focus on Q&A, students go into the deepest part of their protocol to heal their burnout based on lab results or assessment.  Oftentimes, this might be a specific protocol, but not always. 

Week 7

Inner Game of Healing

This session is  the role of emotional balance and success mindset in long term healing. Students will identify 1-2 techniques to incorporate on a regular basis based on what they foresee they will struggle with the most.

Week 8

How to Never Burnout Again

In this module, we will go over the mindsets, structures, practices, etc. for continuing the momentum and ensuring you don't fall back into old patterns. 


Each Week Consists of

Weekly 90 Minute Group Coaching Call

A container to ask me questions, connect with other students, and feel supported.

Video Lessons

Deep dive videos with detailed presentations that go into each week's themes. Available on any device. 

Theme Specific Resources

Additional podcasts, videos, books, and more to dive deep into the topics that interest you most.

Guided Reflection

Weekly meditations/journaling prompts to invite deeper healing and resilience on your journey.

Heard led, science backed 

My aim is to practice in a methodical, precise, and compassionate way.  In this program, we use the same evidence based protocols I've used in my health coaching practice and on myself. When appropriate, particularly for emotional/somatic healing, we use practices that have a well documented track record in clinical practice, but don't have scientific studies behind them YET. 





[Valued at $299]

Use movement as medicine with this guide that shows you the best exercise routine based on your mind-body type and stage of recovery. Includes videos, playlists, teacher, workout recommendations, and more.


[Valued at $199]

Sound baths, breathwork practices, long and short ecstatic dance rituals, curated emotional healing for specific challenges, and more. 


[Valued at $99]

An end to end guide on how to live according to your design which draws from seminars and books on Ayurveda and bio-individuality, but also clinical experience with clients.

Interested, but still have some questions? 

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What's the Investment?

I know investing in your healing is a big decision, so I've provided two ways to invest in yourself depending on what feels most aligned.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Feeling safe trying something new is challenging, especially if you've been abused by the healthcare system.  When you purchase Breaking Free of Brain Fog and Chronic Fatigue, you’re protected by my 100% money-back guarantee.

You can experience the first two modules risk free for 14 days and if the course does not immediately start delivering tangible value to you, we will refund you. For more details, click here.